Snub TV (also known as simply Snub) was an alternative culture television programme that ran from 1987 to 1989. The original programme, while made in the UK, was developed by American producer Fran Duffy and aired as part of the American Night Flight variety show. In 1989-1991 a UK version aired for three seasons on the BBC, and was syndicated to the pan-European TV channel Super Channel. Snub's main focus was on documenting indie musical groups with the UK version putting an emphasis on the indie and underground music scene in the UK during the rise of Madchester. The British series also featured other acts such as comedians. Snub TV has been credited with giving many then-new bands and musical acts initial and extra exposure to the major music business circles.

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Snub TV - Best Of 1989

Snub TV - Best Of 1989

Peel was interviewed on the first episode of Snub TV in 1987, broadcast in America and was a fan of the show, when shown in the UK between 1989 and 1991. He would mention it several times on his radio programmes and sometimes would recommend listeners to record the programme. Despite being a fan of the show, Peel never appeared on the UK version of the programme itself.

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The House of Love - Destroy the Heart (Snub 09-01-1989)

The House of Love - Destroy the Heart (Snub 09-01-1989)

  • 24 January 1990: Peel mentions Snub TV will have amongst others an interview with Mark E. Smith of The Fall and an exclusive video of Bill Is Dead on 5th February.
  • 07 February 1990: Peel recommends the listener to video the Breeders' appearance on Snub TV, and watch it after his programme.
  • 10 July 1990: Peel mentions the Snub TV Vol. 1 video and is surprised by a quote that he said mentioned on the sleeve. The quote is: "We should approach SNUB with the trace of a song on our lips and the infectious optimism of those purged with hyssop."

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