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Elisabeth Esselink (born 14 August 1965 in Delft), known by her stage name Solex, is a Dutch solo performing artist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her music is a light-hearted amalgamation of pop music, electronica and sampling. After performing as a member of the Dutch indie group Sonetic Vet, Esselink began the Solex project in order to give herself a more complete and fulfilling musical outlet. The name is taken from the French moped manufacturer Solex. Utilizing the records in her own record store, she assembled her music on an antique 8-track recorder, singing original lyrics over her musical creations. The first album, Solex Vs. the Hitmeister, was cobbled together using samples from albums that Esselink had been unable to sell in her store. Later albums would see her assembling tracks with samples she had secretly recorded at live performances in addition to sampling records from her collection. She has appeared on Gerling's 2001 album Head3cleaner/When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun and the Go!Team's 2007 album Proof of Youth. (Read more at Wikipedia.)

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"Let me read you what we’ve got about Solex. Solex is Elizabeth Esselink from Holland, as you probably know by now. She finds source material from what she describes as old vinyl, crappy unsellable CDs, television, Wheel Of Fortune, the better-looking talkshow hosts – they seem to sound better as well – noisy deaf people, films, bootlegs, radio, street noises and animals – and makes it into her own unique records. Her current album, Low Kick And Hard Bop, was released on 10th September. She’s produced two previous albums: Solex Vs. The Hitmeister (1998) and Pick Up (1999). Both of these of course heard quite a bit on these programmes. And she is currently touring the US and will move onto Europe. And she was with us, you’ll recall, a year or so ago when we went to Noorderslag in Groningen, and maybe she will again this year."
(John Peel: 13 November 2001)


"My favorite session was a live show in the studio (2000). We played two sets on air in front of a live audience. Peel, who did the show from the same room, said the audience should get closer to the band and not make it that obvious they were only there for the free beers and snacks. When he aired our final session in 2002, I listened to the live webcast. He said some nice things and I dropped him an email right away. I joked about doing the next sessions at Peel Acres. He read the email on the show and said that the Peel Acres session was a very good idea. Unfortunately that session never happened."
(Elisabeth Esselink (Solex), quoted BBC Peel site)

Festive Fifty Entries


Five regular sessions, two other live appearances. Session #1 was voted in the Peel Sessions: The Best 125. No known commercial release of any session, although the version of Teenage Kicks in #2 apparently found its way into a privately compiled 60th birthday CD that was presented to Peel, along with a cover of Echo & The Bunnymen's 'The Cutter' (see Other Shows Played section).

1. Recorded: 1998-05-05. First broadcast: 09 June 1998. Repeated: 26 November 1998

  • One Louder Solex (first broadcast live from Maida Vale 05 May 1998) / Solex All Lickety Split / You're So Square / Solex Is Barely Dressed / Solex Lipped

2. Recorded: (unknown, own studio). First broadcast: 31 August 1999 (Peel's 60th birthday party)

  • Teenage Kicks

3. Live at Maida Vale 20 September 2000. No known repeat.

  • Pastrami / Rasp / Blazers / Bassie / Escargot / Lickety Split / Oh Blimey / Pick Up / The Cutter / 1969 / Snappy And Cocky / Athens Ohio

4. Recorded: 2001-09-30. First broadcast: 13 November 2001. Repeated: No known repeat.

  • Train Mobile / Mr Crockpot / Rico Puente Versus Tito Suave / Santa Monica / Mogli

5. Recorded: 2002-09-25. First broadcast: 17 October 2002. Repeated: No known repeat.

  • Shady Lane / Flip It / Honkey Donkey / My B Sides Rock Your World / Push Switch Up For On / Oh No I've Created A Monster


03 June 1999 live at Queen Elizabeth Hall

  1. Some Solex
  2. One Louder Solex
  3. Solex In A Slipshod Style
  4. Solex All Lickety Split
  5. Not Fade Away

29 March 2000 live at Union Chapel, London

  1. Burglars Are Coming
  2. Waking Up With Solex
  3. Randy Constanza
  4. One Louder Solex
  5. Solex In A Slipshod Style
  6. Getting Better
  7. The Cutter

Other Shows Played

(The following list was compiled only from the database of this site and Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive. Please add more information if known.)


Solex, Teenage Kicks (birthday CD)

  • 18 March 2003: Shady Lane (Compilation album – Everything is Ending Here) Homesleep

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