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Sophisticated Boom Boom was an all Scottish girl group from Glasgow in the early ‘80s taking their name from the Shangri-Las song. The group were influenced mainly by Siouxsie and the Banshees and Dolly Mixture. The band released 'The Only One' on a 1984 compilation album called The Girls Can't Help It - A Modern Girl Group. The group later changed their name to His Latest Flame and released several singles in the late 80's before calling it a day.

Not to be confused with the Swiss all-girl new wave band of the same name.  

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The band did three sessions for Peel in the early 80's.


3 sessions. No commercial releases known.

1. Recorded: 1981-10-28. First broadcast: 10 November 1981. Repeated: 01 December 1981, 29 December 1981, 18 February 1982, 16 December 1982 and unknown date March/April 1985, on Karl's Tape March 1985

  • White Horses / Is It About Sex / Surrender To Me / Joe

2. Recorded: 1982-09-20. First broadcast: 07 October 1982. Repeated: 25 October 1982

  • Don't Love Me / Hearts On Skates / Stalemates / Instant Appeal

3. Recorded: 1983-06-11. First broadcast: 15 June 1983 / Peel June 1983. Repeated: 06 July 1983

  • Singing Today / Jimmy's In Love / The Next Time / Courage

Other Shows Played

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  • Karl's Tape March 1985: ?? March 1985: Is It About Sex. This track has appeared on a Karl mixtape which may be from March 1985 and it is thought that it may have been a repeat session when Muriel Gray was standing in for Peel.

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