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(This page is about the British crust punk band. For the British new wave band of the same name, see Sore Throat(2)).
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Sore Throat were a British Crust punk band, formed in Huddersfield, England in 1987. They are known for being one of the earliest exponents of the grindcore subgenre known as "noisecore", as well as for launching the careers of several prominent members of the British heavy metal community. They were formed in 1987 by Richard "Militia" Walker (vocals; of Wartorn and Warfear) and Nick Royles (drums).

After a short-lived false start that involved Mick Harris & Jim Whitley from Napalm Death on vocals and bass respectively, with Rich actually playing guitar, they soon recruited John "Doom" Pickering (bass; previously a member of Doom, Pelvic Thrust, Police Bastard, and Cain), Brian "Bri" Talbot (guitar; also previously associated with Doom and Pelvic Thrust, as well as Ackworth St. Chaos Front, Metal Motherfuckers from Mars, Bugeyed, Warfear, Woodhouse Rejects, Stalingrad, Blood Sucking Feaks, Devils, and Virtual Reality).

The band were vehemently opposed to what they saw as commercialism with the hardcore scene, and used ridicule to lyrically lambast the likes of Napalm Death, Sex Pistols, Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I., OLD, Wehrmacht, and S.O.D. Other lyrics mocked Nazis, capitalism, and the straight edge movement. The band developed a style completely based on improvisation: all of their musical output was made up on the spot, without rehearsals, during recording sessions.

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Peel played many crust punk bands through the late 80's and early 90's including Sore Throat, who received airplay on his shows between 1988 and 1989. He mentioned on his show that he was not able to see them play at the Caribbean Centre, Ipswich, when they were supporting Bolt Thrower, Carcass and Extreme Noise Terror in January 1989. After 1989, the group did not release any new material until 2001 when they released a joint single with Godstomper, which never got any coverage on Peel's programmes.

Shows Played


Sore Throat Death To Capitalist Hardcore FULL EP 1987

  • 05 October 1988: D.T.C.H.C. (LP - Death To Capitalist Hardcore) Acid Rain
  • 02 November 1988: Sacrilege (To The Scene) (7” EP – Death To Capitalist Hardcore) Acid Rain
  • 07 November 1988: Vac Head (7" - Death To Capitalist Hardcore) Acid Rain

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