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Channel 4 TV series aired in 1999 that featured Peel meeting local musicians in different parts of the UK.


  1. Sounds Of The Suburbs: Lanarkshire (27/02/1999)
  2. Sounds Of The Suburbs: Oxford (06/03/1999)
  3. Sounds Of The Suburbs: South Wales (13/03/1999)
  4. Sounds Of The Suburbs: Cornwall (21/03/1999)
  5. Sounds Of The Suburbs: Humberside (28/03/1999)
  6. Sounds Of The Suburbs: Bradford (04/04/1999)
  7. Sounds Of The Suburbs: Isle Of Wight (11/04/1999)
  8. Sounds Of The Suburbs: The North East (18/04/1999)


John Peel's Sounds Of The Suburbs.png

The theme tune, which gave the series its title, was a Samurai Seven cover of the Members song of the late 70s and featured on a double CD compilation of music from the series:

  • Samurai Seven: The Sound Of The Suburbs
  • High Fidelity: Lazy B
  • Delgados: Everything Goes Around Water
  • Radio Sweethearts: Real Ghost Town
  • Nought: Cough Cap Kitty Cat (1998)
  • Pat Thomas: Remembering
  • Lab 4: Reformation II
  • Lucie Chivers: Dioddef Amdanat
  • Reviver Gene: Strap Me Up
  • 60 Ft. Dolls: Baby Says Yeah
  • Blew: In C
  • Jones Machine: That Booze Magic (Cheggars Mix)
  • Robert Wyatt: Free Will And Testament
  • Solid Doctor: Holly Roller
  • Back To Base: Electric Eye (Crown Yourself King Mix)
  • Mr. Ed: Blue
  • Lianne Hall: Cosy
  • Fun-Da-Mental: Ja Sha Taan
  • Exploding Thumbs: Desert Song
  • Waterson-Carthy: Ye Mariners All
  • Two Sheds: Don't Go To Darlington
  • Myormay: Clear
  • Comatose: Turtles Head


  1. Lanarkshire
  2. Oxford
  3. South Wales
  4. Cornwall
  5. Humberside
  6. Bradford
  7. Isle of Wight
  8. The North East