Great Finborough (Suffolk) St Andrew's Church - - 68591

St Andrew's Church is situated in the village of Great Finborough, Suffolk, England. It is a Grade II listed building. The church that stands today has been there since the Victorian period by Richard Phipson but there has been a place of worship on the site for over 1000 years. In the year 1086 the church as well as Finborough Hall were recorded in the Domesday Book. In 1558, the first records of births deaths and marriages were recorded at the church. In 1883 a small wall was built around the graveyard of the church costing £5. Eventually the roof was damaged by lightning, and at another date the roof was damaged by gales at a cost of £10,000. The only original part of the church that still stands is the Tudor porch.

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John Peel's grave, Great Finborough, Suffolk - - 1162596

Peel is buried in the church's graveyard with a tombstone written "Teenage dreams so hard to beat" from the Undertones' Teenage Kicks, which was his favourite record of all time. In an interview with the Telegraph in 2008, Peel's wife Sheila, talked about the three year delay of the memorial stone:

"I suppose that it was my fault really. I couldn't face it to start with. For the first year we couldn't do anything because the ground has to settle. Then it took a long time to find a traditional type of York stone I knew John would like. I didn't want to have anything modern. A stonemason friend did the work."[1]

In August 2008, Peel's eldest son, William and his girlfriend Zahra got married at the same church with brother Tom as the best man. [2] After a 40 minutes wedding ceremony, the couple paid their respects to Peel at his grave.

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