"As far as I know it is the only record this bloke made. And I wrote to a chap who specializes in deep soul records up in Wakefield – I don’t know if he is still in business – and said, you know, just send us 15 or 20 of what you regard as being the very best records and this is one that he sent me. And the man’s voice is just stunning. And what is so frustrating about it is the knowledge that he is probably still alive, working as a janitor or something like that and nobody is interested in recording him."
(JP, My Top Ten)

Stanley Winston - No More Ghettos In America

Stanley Winston - No More Ghettos In America

No More Ghettos In America

As Peel discovered, relatively little information appears to exist on the musical career of Stanley Winston, but his sole single, 'No More Ghettos In America', released on the Jewel label in 1970, was one of the DJ's favourite records. As well as being played regularly on Peel's shows down the decades, the song was selected as one of his choices for My Top Ten. A copy of the single was later found in John Peel's Record Box.

The song was also included in the Andy Kershaw compilation More Great Moments Of Vinyl History.

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