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Stereo Nation was a British Asian fusion pop group that came together in the early 90's as a collaboration between Kendell Smith and Tarsame 'Taz' Singh (real name: Tarsame Singh Saini), who did some solo material under the names of Johnny Zee and Taz. Both men worked previous together under the name of Johnny Zee & DJK. Kendell would do the ragga vocals and Tarsame, the Punjabi/Hindi and English singing. In 2022, Tarsame died at the age of 54 due to a long term illness.

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Peel played a track from the group in 1992 when they were under the name of Johnny Zee & DJK called Cum Be My Lover and then played Stereo Nation's cover of Neil Sedaka's Oh Carol in 1998 on his programmes. No other tracks from Stereo Nation seemed to have been played by the DJ, although his friend and colleague, Andy Kershaw, would play some of their songs on his programmes.

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