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The Stingrays are an English new wave band, which originally formed in 1977 in Bristol, and today mostly gig in Japan (There are at least three notable bands that have called themselves The Stingrays, Sting Rays or a permutation of the name). They have experienced various line up changes over the years, but have included: Russ Mainwaring (who is still a member), Bill Stair (Art Objects, Various Artists, Blue Aeroplanes), Chris Bostock, and Sean McLuskey (Subway Sect, JoBoxers, If?).

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They were asked by Peel to play at the John Peel Roadshow at Bristol University in 1980, Peel had previously described their Countdown EP as excellent and played it on numerous occasions.

Shows Played

The Stingrays - Countdown

The Stingrays - Countdown


  • 08 October 1979: Sound (v/a LP - Avon Calling - The Bristol Compilation) Heartbeat


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