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Syran Mbenza (or M’Benza) (b. May 31, 1950) is a guitarist, originally from the Congo, who has lived in Paris since about 1981. He has recorded and performed prolifically over five decades, including as a solo artist; as one of the four members of the popular soukous "supergroup" Les Quatre Étoiles; as a founding member of the acoustic, Congolese rumba revival band Kékélé; in other bands; and in support of numerous artists. He has been described as one of the greatest guitar players of Africa.

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Peel first started playing Syran's solo material in the early 80's and in the 90's played often his track Icha, which on his 28 July 1991 show mentioned that it was the song that he probably played more than any other:

"And this one I played you, well probably more than any other record this year so far anyway, and I just had to hear it, one of those things. I had to put it in a programme every once in a while to boost myself really, two minutes and twenty seven seconds don't forget, your radio should be loud as you go."

In 1993, Peel added the Icha track to his Peel Out In The States (Program 21 & 22) in 1993.

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Syran Mbenza-Icha


  • 15 June 1996: 'Youyou (LP – Symbiose: With The Best Of Paris)’ Hysa Productions

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