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System 7 are a UK-based electronic dance music band. Due to the existence of another band called System Seven they were initially billed as 777 in North America. System 7 was also the name of the current version of the Macintosh operating system at the time, although this was not the reason for the temporary name change.

Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy, both formerly of Gong, formed System 7 in 1989, after a period of several years becoming gradually immersed in the developments of electronic and dance in the UK while Steve was working mainly as a record producer for other artists. A key early collaborator was DJ Alex Paterson (of the Orb), whom Steve and Miquette heard playing Hillage's 1979 ambient record Rainbow Dome Musick in an ambient DJ set at the London club Heaven. They soon became part of the underground dance scene in London. While Hillage and Giraudy form the core of System 7, it is an extended collaborative project with artists such as A Guy Called Gerald, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Alex Paterson (of The Orb), and Youth. System 7 makes extensive use of Hillage's electric guitars.

Hillage and Giraudy later launched a chill-out and downtempo sister project called Mirror System, and have also worked under the name Groovy Intent.

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Peel played some tracks from the group in the 90's, but didn't seem to play any new material from them in the early 00's, when they released several albums and singles.

On his 19 January 1997 show, Peel played a track which featured a vibrator from Barbed. Later on in the programme, a listener mentions on a fax that Barbed may not have been the first artist to use a vibrator in the track. He specified an artist called Steve Hillage from System 7 used a vibrator on one of his tracks that got played on the show.

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7- 7 Expansion

7- 7 Expansion

  • 04 March 1997: Big Sky City (Jacob's Optical Stairway Remix) (v/a 2xCD - Foundations: Coming Up From The Streets) Feedback Communications

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