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25 July 1979 / 26 July 1979

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25 July 1979

Expelaires #1 (repeat of only session)

  • Cult Figures: Zip Nolan (single) Rather Records
  • Expelaires: Frequency (session)
  • Swell Maps: Full Moon In My Pocket / Blam! / Full Moon (Reprise) (LP – A Trip To Marineville) Rough Trade
  • Distractions: Time Goes By So Slow (single) Factory
  • Secret Affair: Going To A Go-Go (session)
  • Cygnus: Ain’t No Stopping Us Now (12” single) Freedom Sound

(end of show) 22.08

26 July 1979

  • Undertones: Here Comes The Summer (single) Sire
  • Flys: Living In The Sticks (single) EMI
  • Magits: Disconnected (EP – Fully Coherent) Outer Himalayan
  • Keith & Tex: Tonight (double LP – Rebel Music: An Anthology Of Reggae Music) Trojan
  • Piranhas: Yap, Yap, Yap (session)
  • Adam & The Ants: Xerox (single) Do It
  • OMD: Electricity (single) Factory
  • PragVEC: Expert (single) Spec
  • Fatal Microbes: Beautiful Pictures (EP – Fatal Microbes Meet The Poison Girls) Small Wonder
  • Eddie Cochran: Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie (LP - The Eddie Cochran Singles Album) United Artists
  • Joy Division: Day Of The Lords (LP – Unknown Pleasures) Factory
  • Glass Torpedoes: Morning, Noon And Night (single) Teen Beat
  • Piranhas: Getting Beaten Up (session)
  • Jam: Down In The Tube Station At Midnight (single) Polydor
  • Bootsy’s Rubber Band: Jam Fan (LP – This Boot Is Made For Fonk-n) Warner brothers
  • (???): Allez Les Vert (???) – speed change in middle
  • Tickets: I’ll Be Your Pin-up (single) Bridgehouse
  • Soul Boys: You’re Not The One (LP – Rocksteady) Channel One
  • Passengers: Two Lovers (single)
  • Buzzcocks: Harmony In My Head (single) United Artists
  • John Hyatt: Sharon’s Got A Drugstore (single – Radio Girl b-side) MCA
  • Gratis: Please Call My Number (single) BPM
  • Roses Are Red: Your Love Is Like A Ballistic Missile (single) Posthumous Petal



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