Broadcast Date

Cassette Brand / Description

  • TDK-D


  • C90


  • The first 39:10 of side a is the last 39 minutes of the show from 04 May 1981 including one track from the Josef K session and two from the Associates session.
  • The remaining 6 minutes contain a short segment of the show of 28 May 1981, including the end of 'Homburg' by Procol Harum and 'Free Speech' by Talisman. Between these tracks is an amusing exchange with Tony Blackburn about the increased interest in his 1960s crooning album, that interest of course being generated by JP's playing of some tracks on recent shows!
  • Side b contains a 46 minute section of Walter's Weekly, which includes a contribution from Peel on skiffle.


  • For an AM recording the SQ is very good, no interference or phasing issues noticed.


  • No


  • SB (Weatherman22)

Date Sent

  • 05/01/2010

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