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Tad (often styled as TAD) was an American grunge band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 1988 by Tad Doyle. Among the first of the many bands which came out of Seattle in the grunge era, Tad was notable for the fact that its music was inspired far more by 1970s metal than the punk which influenced many other grunge bands. Although their commercial success was limited, their music is still highly regarded amongst grunge fans. The band split in 1999, with members forming their own music careers and a semi reunion in 2013.

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Peel discovered the group through the Sub Pop label, who sent many records to him in the early days, when the ensemble were signed to them. Singer Tad Doyle is a large figure, and Peel mentioned on his 01 August 1988 show the shock of seeing him:

"If the chap on the label is the bloke who's made the record, then I'm rather glad he's in America and not here. Looks very strange indeed."

The band did two sessions for Peel's show and one of the tracks ended up in The John Peel Sub-Pop Sessions 1989-1993 compilation album released in 1994.



TAD John Peel 5th December 1989

1. Recorded: 1989-12-05. Broadcast: 02 January 1990. Repeated: 25 January 1990

  • Nuts 'N' Bolts / Daisy / Helot / Wood Goblins

2. Recorded: 1990-06-19. Broadcast: 05 July 1990. Repeated: 23 February 1991

  • 3D Witch Hunt / Delinquent / Plague Years / Jack Pepsi

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Fuck Me I'm Rich 02 Tad- Ritual Device

  • 03 June 1994: Helot (Various Artists CD - The John Peel Sub-Pop Sessions 1989 – 1983 ) Strange Fruit

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