The earlier file was that for the previous day the 15th June

I've just downloaded the file and it's the right date, right show. Maybe you edited the wrong page by accident. The replacement download file wasn't a valid link for me.

Dr Mango

The original file was for the 15th. Unfortunately the link I replaced it with, for the 16th, was invalid, it was one of these Rapidshare temporary pages so came up with that error. You reverted the link to the original, a valid link, but for the wrong date. I therefore updated the link to the correct link for the 16th!

I hope it's alright now, sorry for any hassle!

I found a full version of the show on the 15th, again originally I put up an invalid link but it is working now. I wonder if I should remove the partial show...

Stuart--Weatherman22 21:37, September 24, 2009 (UTC)

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