Always interesting to find out who is a feollw Captain Beefheart enthusiast, I've been a fan ever since first being introduced to him on foundation way back in 1972/3 and endlessly playing the albums in the sculpture department.Thank you for posting the Bill Mac tribute, I am listening to it now, there seem to have been so few tributes to such an avant guarde and yet so influential artist!A very sad day when he passed away.I love your automata ! a fantastic combination of mechanisms and disparate found objects, If finances were a bit stronger I would dearly love to add one of your pieces to my collection of automata (bought in more flush times). Here in London I live near a street market that has about 4 stalls selling house clearance stuff, it's an amazing source of wonderful cheap bits and pieces, I have to restrict my visits to try and save money and house space, especially as it is on 3 times a week ! and I am an inveterate hoarder, I'm sure it would furnish you with endless inspiring oddities. Best wishes Simon Venus

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