year-1980 ish..........can anyone help in identifying these lyrics

I don't get on with my mum

I don't get on with my dad

they get me up in the morning

but I keep them awake at night

oh mum and dad...(followed by awesome twisted sax)........................

this is in a style reminiscent of Neon/Don't eat bricks.......searched high & low....John (rip) played this once this is why I thought I'd leave it here

here's my e-mail if I get lucky:

22.10.85 - No 13 Kev's Tapes

Hi there folks,

It has to said that this is a great site. Didn't even know it existed til yesterday. I can see it being a new source of insomnia.

This is basically a shout to request whether anyone can refresh the link for Kev's Tape 13 (date:22.10.85)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

DM 08:58, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

Shalawambe & Bundu Boys

Hi, I'm trying to get hold of copies of sessions recorded by Zambian group Shalawambe (August 1988) and Zimbabwe's The Bhundu Boys (1986). Can anyone help me get hold of a copy of the John Peel shows which these sessions featured on??

My email is



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