Taste (1969)

is an Irish rock and blues band formed in 1966. Its founder was songwriter and musician Rory Gallagher (2 March 1948 – 14 June 1995). They started their career in August 1966 as a trio consisting of Rory Gallagher on guitars and vocals, Eric Kitteringham on bass, and Norman Damery on drums. In 1968 Taste began performing in the UK where the original lineup split up. The new lineup formed with Richard McCracken on bass and John Wilson on drums. The new Taste moved permanently to London where they signed with the record label Polydor. (Read more at Wikipedia )

Taste reformed in 2000 with drummer John Wilson, guitar player Sam Davidson and bass player Albert Mills.

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Taste built up a solid reputation in Britain and the USA in the late 1960s, with their albums and live performances being well received by critics and audiences. Alongside Yes, they appeared as a support act at Cream's farewell concert at the Royal Albert Hall in November 1968, which was compered by Peel. After that they became rock club and open-air festival favourites. Peel appreciated them - they were among the artists from Ireland he praised in a 1970 interview with an Irish magazine[1] - and featured their music on his show. He had a great enthusiasm for Rory Gallagher's guitar playing and continued to follow his solo career after Taste dissolved in 1970.


  • Three sessions. No known commercial release.

1. Recorded: 1968-08-05. First broadcast: 25 August 1968. Repeated: 27 October 1968.

  • Same Old Story / Blister On The Moon / Dual Carriageway Pain / Norman Invasion / Born On The Wrong Side of Time (first broadcast 27 October 1968)

2. Recorded: 1968-10-03. First broadcast: 30 October 1968.

  • Same Old Story / Dual Carriageway Pain / Born On The Wrong Side of Time / Wee Wee Baby

3. Recorded: 1969-02-17. First broadcast: 09 March 1969. Repeated: 20 April 1969.

  • I'm Movin' On / Sugar Mama / Leaving Blues / Hail / Wee Wee Baby (first broadcast 20 April 1969)


  • Recorded 1970-04-02, Paris Theatre, London. Broadcast: 12 April 1970. No known commercial release.
  1. Railway and Gun
  2. Eat My Words
  3. I'll Remember
  4. Sugar Mama
  5. Catfish

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