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Terrorizer is an extreme metal music magazine published by Dark Arts Ltd. in the United Kingdom. It is released every four weeks with thirteen issues a year and features a "Fear Candy" covermount CD, a twice yearly "Fear Candy Unsigned" CD, and a double-sided poster. Terrorizer published its first issue in October 1993 with Sepultura on the cover.

The magazine's name derives from seminal grindcore band Terrorizer(2) (who got their name from the death metal band Master's first demo in 1985) and as such, the magazine was an early champion of the emerging death metal scene, a tradition that it carried on and expanded to include all sub-genres of extreme metal, adopting the slogan "extreme music - no boundaries" in 2003 with issue 108, also the first part of the Thrash Special. After a second issue with cover stars Carcass, the then editor, Rob Clymo, took a risk by putting Metallica on the cover which, although caused controversy with elitists, symbolised a move towards broader musical coverage. Despite this, Terrorizer's pulse remained firmly on the extreme metal underground with Cradle Of Filth winning best demo and Fear Factory best newcomer in the 1993 Readers' Poll. (Read more on Wikipedia.)

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Choosing Death

The introduction of "Choosing Death" was written by John Peel

British radio DJ John Peel, famously a champion of death metal and grindcore, revealed himself to be a fan of the magazine in an episode of Home Truths on BBC Radio 4:

"...I took several copies of a music magazine called 'Terrorizer' out of my luggage before leaving for New Zealand via Los Angeles in 2002 and given the hostility of the officials we encountered in California I'd say we did the right thing..."

Peel regularly played Terrorizer's free CDs featuring extreme metal music on his show and admitted visiting the offices of the magazine on his 07 March 2002 show. Terrorizer also gave Peel a copy of the album of Black Sabbath covers in Latin by Estonian outfit Rondellus that he first played on his 04 June 2002 programme.

The magazine's former editor Nicky Terry joined with Peel to write the foreward for the book Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore, which was published in September 2004, a month before Peel died. Albert Mudrian, the author of the book, convinced both of them to do the foreward and in an interview with Earache, he mentioned how he convinced Peel:

"I had to chase down John's agent for a few months regarding interviewing him for the book.She eventually gave me John's phone number, so I called him up, had a great chat, and he said, "If you ever need anything else, just give me a call." Later, when I was determining who could do a great introduction for the book, he was the first person who came to mind. So I just called back and asked him to do it, and he immediately said yes. I couldn't believe it. Ultimately, I think he can help legitimize the music for a lot of people that might otherwise dismiss death metal as something they never listen to or consider a viable form of music."[1]

Shows Played

Pissing Razors - You'll Never Know

Pissing Razors - You'll Never Know

  • 13 September 2000Pissing Razors: You'll Never Know (Compilation CD - Terrorized v8) Terrorizer (JP: 'The engaging teenbeat sounds of Pissing Razors. Can't give you the title cos that's on the CD and it's in the machine.')
  • 20 September 2000Pissing Razors: You'll Never Know (Compilation CD - Terrorized v8) Terrorizer (JP: That was for Mary Anne Hobbs who we love a lot, and that band are probably mates of hers and staying at her flat)

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