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That Petrol Emotion were a Northern Ireland indie band formed in 1984 from the ashes of Bam Bam And The Calling and the Undertones. It was formed by guitarist John O'Neill and second guitarist Raymond Gorman who DJ'd together at the Derry Left Bank club. Drummer and friend Ciaran McLaughlin joined next after having relocated from Derry to London, followed by John's brother and Undertones lead guitarist Damian O'Neill who played bass from 1985 until 1988 upon John's departure. He then took up guitar duties from 1988–1994 and 2008–present. Charismatic American singer Steve Mack, who was on a year out working in a pizzeria in London at the time, finished off the line up. Following John O'Neill's departure, his brother Damian switched to the guitar, leaving bass duties to John Marchini (1988–1991) then Brendan Kelly (1991–1994 and 2008–present). That Petrol Emotion's influences encompassed artists as diverse as The Beatles, Afrika Bambaataa, Television, Sly & the Family Stone, Captain Beefheart and Can. The band split in 1994 and reformed briefly between 2008 and 2010.

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As a fan of the Undertones, Peel was interested in the band members projects after the group split in 1983. The brothers John and Damian O'Neill of the Undertones later joined That Petrol Emotion and Peel heard their material, which he later invited the band to do three sessions for his show. The group were regularly played on Peel's show in the mid-late 80's and early 90's.

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That Petrol Emotion John Peel Session June 1985

The first two sessions are available on the Double Peel Sessions (1989, LP, Strange Fruit)

1. Recorded: 1985-06-11. Broadcast: 24 June 1985. Repeated: 22 July 1985

  • V2 / Lettuce / Blind Spot / Can't Stop

2. Recorded: 1985-11-05. Broadcast: 18 November 1985. Repeated: 03 December 1985

  • Tightlipped / Circusville / Cheapskate / Mouth Crazy

3. Recorded: 1986-12-16. Broadcast: 14 January 1987. Repeated: 10 February 1987, 01 April 1987

  • Big Decision / Swamp / Inside / Chester Burnette

Other Shows Played 


That Petrol Emotion - V2


That Petrol Emotion It's A Good Thing


That Petrol Emotion - Big Decision (Promo)


THAT PETROL EMOTION - 'Every Little Bit' - 1988

  • 06 February 1989: Groove Check (edit) (7") Virgin
  • 18 February 1989 (BFBS): Groove Check (edit) (7") Virgin

That Petrol Emotion - Abandon.


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