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  • Castle Communications
Release Date
  • 1993
  • CD

Adverts and continuity during Sex, Lies & Videotape (26?-9-1993, Channel 4)

Peel can be heard between 6:07 and 6:16 of the video

  • Peel did the voiceover for the TV advert promotion of the album in 1993, in which he said:

    "The best of the Undertones, re-assembled for your personal listening pleasure, out now"

  • It is not known how long the adverts ran for, but it doesn't seem that Peel played tracks from the album on his radio show.


  1. Teenage Kicks
  2. Family Entertainment
  3. Get Over You
  4. Girls Don't Like It
  5. Male Model
  6. Here Comes The Summer
  7. Jimmy Jimmy
  8. You've Got My Number
  9. Mars Bar
  10. Let's Talk About Girls
  11. My Perfect Cousin
  12. The Way Girls Talk
  13. Tearproof
  14. More Songs About Chocolate And Girls
  15. Hypnotised
  16. Wednesday Week
  17. The Positive Touch
  18. You're Welcome
  19. It's Going To Happen
  20. Julie Ocean
  21. When Saturday Comes
  22. Forever Paradise
  23. The Love Parade
  24. Soul Seven
  25. Casbah Rock

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