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The Great Rock Discography is a book written by Martin Strong that compiles the discography of the most influential figures in the history of popular music. Originally published in 1994, the book has garnered acclaim,with United States music critic Robert Christgau recommending it as one of the three best rock music encyclopaedias, and the one with the "maddest completism". Author Ian Rankin named it as one of the "5 Books Every Man Should Read", calling it "a great book" that "would keep [him] happy on any desert island". It was re-released as The Essential Rock Discography, a condensed version, in 2006.

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Peel wrote the foreword to the book, which included him jokingly looking at the Bob Seger section hoping that they would mention his mother wearing a Bob Seger tour jacket. Also he goes on to mention that he didn't know the Fall released their debut single after their first session on his show.

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