• The Peel Tapes Volume 15 [work in progress]
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1991 - 08/10
  • A cassette compilation from the collection of Peel Group member mr_maudlin, recorded from the BBC Radio 1 John Peel show but with no DJ links
  • The show was recorded on Hi-Fi VHS from a good FM signal then edited to cassette. The inlay card has the edit dates as: tracks 1-7 25Aug91; 8-10 10Sep91; 11 30Sep91; 12-17 5Oct91; 18 17Oct91; 19 18Oct91; 20-23 23Oct91; 24 27Oct91. The edits were usually done within a couple of weeks of broadcast
  • The tape sounds like its playing a little slow on digitisation, something that's probably caused/accentuated by the original recording onto HiFi VHS. But the sound quality is good so hopefully this makes up for any speed issues.
  • Lots of great tracks on this tape: Goodnight Said Florence, Paris Angels, Revolver, Even As We Speak, All About Chad, Poster Children, The Would-Be's, and this would have been the first time I'd heard PJ Harvey and Stereolab. But one band I kept coming back to in the 90's were the enigmatic Philistines Jr., and this was their first single. Does anyone else have a favourite band heard on Peel that no-one else remembers, not even other dedicated Peel listeners? Well, Philistines Jr are my 'Peel band that I loved but no-one else took any notice of at the time...'
  • TDK AR-X90



  • C175 The Peel Tapes Vol.15.mp3
  • 1:34:52