Omnibus is an arts-based British documentary series, broadcast mainly on BBC1 in the United Kingdom. The programme was the successor to the long-running arts-based series Monitor. It ran from 1967 until 2003, usually being transmitted on Sunday evenings. During its 35-year history, the programme won 12 Bafta awards.

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John Peel's Omnibus - The Record Machine

John Peel's Omnibus - The Record Machine

In one episode called The Record Machine, broadcast on 12th October 1978 on BBC1, Peel and Paul Gambaccini looked into behind the scenes at giant record companies including Peel talking to some of the new bands and Gambaccini investigating the big business side of the record industry. The following artists made an appearance on the show:

The programme also looked into behind the closed doors of the BBC Radio One Playlist Meeting, how Top Of The Pops chooses its records for the week and a visit to a commercial radio station.

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