The Story of Pop magazine 1

Cover of Pt 1 of the weekly encyclopaedia which accompanied the original series.

The Story of Pop was the title of a 26-part documentary series first broadcast on BBC Radio 1 (MW & VHF) between September 1973 and March 1974. The series was introduced by Alan Freeman and produced by Tim Blackmore. A 26-part "weekly encyclopaedia" was also published by the BBC to coincide with the series.

Another BBC Radio series of the same name, also presented by Freeman, was broadcast on Radio 1 twenty years later, starting in January 1994.[3] It was billed as "the definitive history of pop in 52 episodes". [1]

Links to Peel

  • 1973 series: Part 21 entitled 'From The Underground' was written by John Peel and John Pidgeon, and was originally broadcast on Saturday 16 February 1974 at 2.00 pm [4] (repeated the following day at 3.00 pm). No full recording of the show is currently available although according to the BBC Genome listing it featured an interview with Marc Bolan, a clip of which is included on the deluxe CD re-issue of My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair... But Now They're Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows (2015)[5] listed as "Marc Bolan Interview with Debroah".[2]
  • 1994 series: Peel features in programmes 26, 'Trip On The London Underground' (first broadcast 1994-07-12) and 29, 'A Reasonable Guide To Horrible Noise' (first broadcast 1994-08-02).[3] [4]


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  • BBC Radio 6 Music: The Story of Pop [6]