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A BBC2 dramatisation - part of the 1991-5 'Performance' series, which represented the last stand of one-off studio drama on the BBC - of the famous 1971 trial in which the editors of the British underground magazine Oz were charged with obscenity. The programme was broadcast 1991-11-09, with a cast led by Hugh Grant that included Nigel Planer (formerly Neil in The Young Ones) playing Peel. JP commented on Planer's performance:

"I thought he was rather good. He got the accent wrong actually, but I mean that is not particularly important. But rather embarrassingly he got all of my sort of facial tics and mannerisms and unfortunate ducking and weaving off to a tee. My family were much impressed with it anyway - 'Just like your dad'."[1]


John Peel's The Trials of Oz-0

John Peel's The Trials of Oz-0

Nigel Planer playing the role of John Peel