A 1980 line-up of Thompson Twins (Tom Bailey second right)

Thompson Twins were a British new wave and later electronic music pop group originally formed in 1977. The group underwent several line-up changes over the years. Originally a four-piece, they grew at one point a seven-piece band although remain best known for the trio of Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie and Joe Leeway who had several hits from 1983 onwards both in the UK and the US. Bailey has been the only constant member and still records under his name and occasionally performs live as "Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey."

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Peel was an early supporter of the Thompson Twins and played their debut independently released 1980 single Squares And Triangles as well as the follow-up She's In Love With Mystery, both recorded when the group were still a four-piece. He does not seem to have shown any interest in their debut album A Product Of... when the group had extended to a six-piece, and a session recorded for Richard Skinner (see Karl's Tape End February 1981) ‎would seem to indicate that they had been picked up on by Radio 1's early evening shows, before obtaining mainstream success. He did however go to see the expanded lineup of the band play live in London in August 1981 [1].

Thompson Twins trio

Hit record line-up with those hairstyles.

Thompson Twins were Top of the Pops regulars from early 1982, and their paths occasionally crossed with Peel during his tenure as show host. Immediately after the performance of Doctor Doctor in February 1984, Peel and Rhythm Pal Kid Jensen appeared with top hats and canes, possibly as a tentative reference to the original 'Thompson twins' characters from the Tintin stories and cartoon series (who actually wore bowler hats)[2].

The August 1985 show presented with with Janice Long featured their final chart hit Don't Mess With Doctor Dream and was the group's last ever Top of the Pops performance. "I think I’ll get my hair done like that actually,” quipped Peel. “Like Tom’s?” asks Long. “No, like Alannah’s!” retorts Peel.


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(One session recorded for Richard Skinner available here)

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Thompson Twins – Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream (Studio,TOTP)

Thompson Twins – Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream (Studio,TOTP)

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