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The Three Johns were a post-punk/indie rock band formed in 1981 in Leeds, originally consisting of guitarist Jon Langford (co-founder of the Mekons), vocalist John Hyatt and bassist Phillip "John" Brennan, augmented by a drum machine. The band initially formed just before the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer, and their first gig was to be part of a "Funk the Wedding" event, but they were refused permission to play because they were drunk. They signed to CNT Records in 1982, which Langford jointly founded. A reworking of the Mekons' "English White Boy Engineer", which attacked hypocritical attitudes towards South Africa and apartheid, led to the band being labelled as left-wing rockers. Their left-wing leanings were further evidenced by the sleeve of their 1984 Atom Drum Bop album, which carried the words "Rock 'n' Roll Versus Thaatchiism", a reference to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her marketing by Saatchi & Saatchi. On 7 July 1985, The Three Johns played at the GLC's Jobs for a Change festival in London's Battersea Park. ( more on wikipedia)

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Peel followed the band from the early 80's, following his consistent support for the Mekons, who also featured guitarist Jon Langford, and they did six sessions for his shows. Their left wing leanings sympathised with Peel's own political views and the band did a cover of his favourite football team, Liverpool's anthem, You'll Never Walk Alone, as a session track. However, after the group split in 1990, the band were rarely played on his programmes.

Festive Fifty Entires


The Three Johns - John Peel Session -1 21st July 1982

The Three Johns - John Peel Session -1 21st July 1982

1. Recorded: 1982-07-21. Broadcast: 10 August 1982. Repeated: 10 August 1982, 25 August 1982

  • Pink Headed Bug / Lucy In The Rain / Heads Like Convicts / No Place / You'll Never Walk Alone

2. Recorded: 1983-03-05. Broadcast: 09 March 1983. Repeated: 29 March 1983

  • Fruit Flies / Marx's Wife / Windolene / Men-Like Monkeys / Sad House

3. Recorded: 1983-10-26. Broadcast: 07 November 1983. Repeated: 22 December 1983, 23 January 1984

  • Sun Of Mud / The Day Industry Decided To Stop / A Public Song For A Friend Under Suspicion Of Fire Bombing A Private Shop / Poo-Poo-Poodle Bourgeois / Mouths To Feed

4. Recorded: 1984-04-17. Broadcast: 30 April 1984. Repeated: 21 May 1984

  • Nightingales / Train / Bloop / 3 Junk

5. Recorded: 1985-07-14. Broadcast: 23 July 1985

  • Demon Drink / Coals To Newcastle / King Car / Torpedo / Third World War

6. Recorded: 1987-02-15. Broadcast: 02 March 1987. Repeated: 13 May 1987

  • Key Largo / The Book Of The Dead / Computer / Never And Always

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The Three Johns - Death Of The European - AUDIO Punk Vinyl

The Three Johns - Death Of The European - AUDIO Punk Vinyl




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