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Norman Washington Jackson (born 1960), better known as Tiger, is a Jamaican dancehall musician active since the late 1970s. He is known for his growling style of deejaying, often imitated by other dancehall deejays since his initial rise to fame. He first recorded as a singer under the name Ranking Tiger, his first single being "Why Can't You Leave Dreadlocks Alone?" in 1978. In the early 1980s he began working as a deejay with the Black Star sound system, often performing alongside fellow deejay Bruk Back and singer Anthony Malvo. (read more on wikipedia)

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Peel was a fan of dancehall music and would receive regular imports of records from that genre including artists like Tiger, whose vocal styles has been described as "multi-voiced and totally deranged".

Peel mentioned receiving a letter from his friend Dirk, complaining about the DJ playing dancehall music on his programme. He responded on his 23 June 1990 (BFBS) show:

"I got a letter from my pal Dirk to complain about the inclusion in these programmes of records by Tiger and Admiral Tebbit, both of them superb artists in my view and quite clearly if Dirk continues to listen to these things he'll eventually come round to my way of thinking. He'd better."

Tiger's music was regularly played by Peel between the late 80's and early 90's, when the artist was releasing many singles.

Shows Played

Malvo - "Come Back To Me"

Malvo - "Come Back To Me"

John Peel's Tiger - Bother Them

John Peel's Tiger - Bother Them

Tiger - When -Best Quality-

Tiger - When -Best Quality-


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