Brothers Raj and Pops from Tigerstyle

Signature - Britains Got Talent

Signature - Britains Got Talent

Tigerstyle's song used by the act Signature on Britain's Got Talent in 2008

Tigerstyle are a Scottish Bhangra group comprising of two religious Sikh brothers, Raj and Pops Singh, who are trained in classical  tabla, gurmat sangeet and various forms of Punjabi folk music and instrumentation. The name Tigerstyle is taken from the Tiger Style of Shaolin Kung Fu named after the tiger, with the brothers coming from a Sikh warrior background which has its own martial art, Gatka, and the name Singh meaning lion.

Tigerstyle got some mainstream attention in 2008 when their song "Nachna Onda Nei",a bhangra remix of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" and Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" featuring Kaka Bhaniawala with covering vocals, was used by the group Signature on Britain's Got Talent on ITV.

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Peel had been playing Bhangra since 1987 and invited groups such as Holle Holle and Premi for sessions. Tigerstyle were the third Bhangra group to be invited to do a session, and Peel played some of Tigerstyle's music on his show.


1. Recorded 2003-03-27. First Broadcast: 15 April 2003

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