The Tinklers are a duo from Baltimore, Charles Brohawn and Chris Mason. They have been active since 1979, inspired by seeing Half Japanese in concert. Their sound has been described as "not a rock sound at all: it's a type of non-sound: originally Erector Set instruments would be pulled across the floor or shaken for noises to add accompaniment to a capella renditions of their songs. The personae of little kids, playing with rubber band guitars and shoehorn marimbas. Shyly, they played under the tables. This wasn't a pretension: Charles loathes live performances. They would use complicated charts as a mode of composition and as illustrations, attempting to explain the whole universe by dividing it into scary and not-scary things. Personal development would be diagrammed as the nexusses of mom, dad, school, tv." [1]

While The Tinklers have not disbanded, since 1993 the band has released only one full-length album, Slowpoke, and made a few other compilation appearances. Live performances are infrequent.

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Peel gave heavy airplay to the band's LP Casserole and was also impressed by Slowpoke: however, it appears this interest faded in the 2000s (due no doubt to lack of new material). On his very first play of the band, John said:

What does the powerful Shimmy Disc promotion department have to say about the Tinklers? It says: "We asked Jad Fair, who was the best unsigned band in America? and he said the Tinklers. That was good enough for us, so it ought to be good enough for you. These two misfits make music that cannot be categorised. Prepare yourself for the strangest fifty minutes you'll ever spend in front of a stereo." A rather extreme claim, that, but there are 33 tracks on the LP, which is called Casserole, and that was one of them, of course....I shall play you more.

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    John Peel's The Tinklers - Turn The Screw On The Crank

    John Peel's The Tinklers - Turn The Screw On The Crank


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