John Peel appeared in one episode of the Saturday morning ITV children's programme Tiswas, in the course of which he was splashed with gunge in a cage with other guests. He also played an art critic on the show.

John Gorman, a friend of Peel's and a member of the Tiswas cast, was responsible for getting the DJ on the show. In a 2009 interview with the Liverpool Echo, the ex-Scaffold performer recalled:

“John was a big fan so I said ‘Come on it, then’. He wondered what he could do and, in the end, for this hilarious contrast, we had myself, Chris Tarrant and John having this conversation about life – apparently oblivious to the havoc being caused by the Phantom Flan Flinger, who was attacking the audience at the same time. We just carried on talking!”[1]

Shows Played




Celebrity Cage.. Tiswas

Peel, front of cage, far right, in red jumper, from around 1:15


John Peel & 2 Tone in cage on Tiswas

Peel with John Gorman, from around 1:13


John Peel carried off by John Gorman on Tiswas


Tiswas - A Bizarre show ending featuring John Peel

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