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Todd N. Terry (born April 18, 1967) is an American DJ, record producer and remixer. Todd Terry is a New York DJ and Producer, who was primarily responsible for moving House music beyond the primitive Chicago sound of 1984–86. In competition with Kevin "Reese" Saunderson of Detroit, he cross-sampled Chicago House and its Detroit derivatives with NY Hip-hop breaks, to create a more energized and popular sound that kick-started the Acid House and Rave movements in the UK and America. Terry's productions extensively used samples blending the sounds of classic disco, the Chicago sound, and elements of hip-hop. Terry began in the 1980s by DJing at parties in New York, playing Italo disco and hip-hop - then later, house music, upon its mid-80s emergence. Much of Terry's early work in the late 1980s is considered a milestone in the development of house and rave music.

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When house music started to become popular in the late 80's in the UK, Peel played many records that were released either under Todd Terry or his various pseudonyms. By the time Acid House went out of fashion and the 90's emerged, Todd Terry's music largely declined from Peel's playlist until 1999, when Todd released Drum And Bass music, which JP played on his shows. After the noughties, Peel rarely played any of Todd Terry's music.

Shows Played

Todd Terry
Todd Terry Project
Black Riot
  • Black Riot - A Day In The Life

    Black Riot - A Day In The Life

    04 April 1988: A Day In The Life (12") Fourth Floor
  • 06 April 1988: A Day In The Life (12" - Warlock / A Day In The Life) Champion
  • 11 April 1988: Warlock (12" - Warlock / A Day In The Life) Champion
  • 19 December 1988: A Day In The Life (12") Champion
Lime Life
  • 28 December 1989: 'Cause You're Right On Time (Hideout mix) (12 Inch)' (Loudhouse)
Masters At Work
Orange Lemon
  • 19 April 1988: The Texican (12" - The Texican / Dreams Of Santa Anna) Idlers
Royal House
Swan Lake

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