Tokyo Windbag are a UK electro-noise band: members are Chris Mackin and Subway Lung (also know as merely Lung on solo releases). They released the 7 inch 'Subway Lung/Gak - Klot' on the Control Tower label in late 2002 (in a limited release with a hand-sprayed sleeve), and contributed four tracks to a split 12" with Percy X on the Firewire label two years later.

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The single was selected by Peel for the November 2002 (Peel's Record Box): he tended to prefer the B-side, as was so often the case. On its first play, he described the track as "deeply strange". He speculated (erroneously) that they might be from Japan.

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    John Peel's Tokyo Windbag - Gak - Klot

    John Peel's Tokyo Windbag - Gak - Klot


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