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Top Of The Pops - The Story Of 1983 was a BBC documentary broadcast in 2017 about Top Of The Pops in 1983 featuring amongst others ex-presenters and musicians talking about their appearances on the show in that year. Peel makes an appearance on the programme firstly at 38:28 with a clip from 03 February 1983 (TOTP) where he pretends to fall asleep while Kid Jensen talks about the music videos and then 'wakes' Peel who introduces the 'Top Ten Video Show', a new feature in 1983. Peel also appears between 39:13 and 39:40 of the video, with a clip from the same show announcing Men At Work at number one, and then a further clip taken from the 28 April 1983 (TOTP) show presenting the European charts in France whilst enjoying a drink outside a cafe with French customers, and presenting Hoffmann and Hoffmann with their song "Rücksicht", the German entry to the Eurovision Song Contest that year.


BBC - Top of the Pops- The Story of 1983 (2017)

BBC - Top of the Pops- The Story of 1983 (2017)

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