Top Of The Pops - The Story Of 1984 was a BBC documentary first broadcast in June 2017. The programme chronicles the music, trends and main current affairs of the year through key Top Of The Pops shows and appearances, featuring musicians and vocalists talking about their appearances on the show in that year. Peel makes an appearance on the programme firstly at around 3:00 as presenter, with David Jensen, of the first show of the year which also marked the 20th anniversary of Top Of The Pops (see 05 January 1984 (TOTP)). Peel introduces Frankie Goes To Hollywood appearing for the first time with the song Relax, which he describes as "very 1984" and which is the subject of the first part of the programme. The song was banned by the BBC shortly after and so never featured again despite staying at no.1 for five weeks. Peel's Top 10 countdown on the 02 February 1984 (TOTP) show also features (around 8:05) as Peel announces Relax as no.1 followed by a poignant pause by himself and Jensen before Jensen wraps up the show.

Peel also appears later in the programme (around 44:00) although this is a flashback to an edition of 1983 where Peel presents the European Chart from France (see 28 April 1983 (TOTP)), and in particular the German song "99 Luftballons" by Nena, which in its English translation of "99 Red Balloons" became a no.1 hit in 1984.

As well as Frankie Goes To Hollywood the show also features former session artists Scritti Politti, Jerry Dammers of The Specials, discussing the hit single Free Nelson Mandela, and Midge Ure (Rich Kids) and Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats) in the section concerning the Band Aid project. Dead or Alive also make an appearance as a taste of things to come in 1985.


The Story Of 1984 (Top Of The Pops)

The Story Of 1984 (Top Of The Pops)

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