Top Of The Pops - The Story Of 1985 was a BBC documentary first broadcast in January 2018. The programme chronicles the music, trends and main current affairs of the year through key Top Of The Pops shows and appearances, featuring musicians and vocalists talking about their appearances on the show in that year.

Links To Peel

Peel makes an appearance on the programme at the beginning of the show with Janice Long and also on several clips with Richard Skinner (around 2:20 of the video) and by himself (around 6:04). Janice Long also talks about her working partnership with Peel (from 40:11 of the video), and revealed that he would only do Top Of The Pops if partnered with her, after David Jensen left the BBC. The programme also included one of Peel's favourites, Billy Bragg, talking about his live appearance on the show in 1985.


Top Of The Pops - The Story of 1985

Top Of The Pops - The Story of 1985