The Trashwomen were an all-female American garage punk and surf punk trio from the San Francisco Bay Area signed to Estrus Records. Formed in 1991 by Tina Lucchesi and Dannielle Pimm, and former Bitch Fight & later, Eight Ball Scratch guitarist, Elka Zolot, the band formed originally to perform a one-off show of Trashmen covers. Although Zolot was a skilled guitar player, Tina Lucchesi (drums) and Dannielle Pimm (bass) spent the four weeks before their premier show learning their instruments. The group quickly built a following in the San Francisco garage rock scene. The group's debut 1993 album on Estrus, Spend the Night With the Trashwomen was described by Allmusic as "a straight-up raw release of sleazy rock & roll". This was followed by a live album the following year and a third album in 1995, Trashwomen Vs. Deep Space, the latter two also released on German label Pin Up Records, which also issued the 1994 EP The Trashwomen Invade Chinatown. The band split up in 1997 after a tour of Japan, feeling that the band had run its course, but reunited in 2007 for a performance, staying together into 2008. The band described themselves as "the Queens of Tease Rock".

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Peel first heard the group in 1993 and played some tracks from their debut EP and album. He continued playing their material until the mid-90's. Many of the band's songs that he played included covers of the Trashmen and Duane Eddy. On his 14 April 1995 show, John claimed that he had invited the band to do a session for his show, but instead they opted to go shopping in London, making it one of the Sessions That Never Happened.

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