Trembling Blue Stars was the London-based band based music project of Robert Wratten, started in 1996. Later consisting of Harvey Williams, Jonathan Akerman, Keris Howard, Michael Hiscock, and Beth Arzy who replaced Annemari Davies in 2000. Initially begun as a side project of Wratten's previous band Northern Picture Library, Trembling Blue Stars became Wratten's main band when Northern Picture Library broke up in 1995. Wratten took the name of his band from The Story of O by Pauline Réage. Trembling Blue Stars are characterized by melancholic songs with shimmering guitars and introspective lyrics.

Many of their early lyrics address Wratten's relationship with Annemari Davies, who had been in The Field Mice and Northern Picture Library with him. The first Trembling Blue Stars album, Her Handwriting, was released in 1996 on Shinkansen Recordings (the successor to Sarah Records), to critical acclaim. Wratten afterwards assembled a band, which at various times included Davies, Gemma Townley, Cath Carroll and Ian Catt, as well as Michael Hiscock, Keris Howard (previously of the Sarah Records-era band Brighter) and Harvey Williams. Producer Ian Catt has worked on every Trembling Blue Stars release....(Read more)

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The band featured regularly on John's show, garnered an early Festive Fifty entry in 1996, and recorded a session in 2000 which has never been officially released.

Festive Fifty Entries

  • 1996 Festive Fifty: 'Abba On The Jukebox' #19
    TREMBLING BLUE STARS John Peel 9th August 2000

    TREMBLING BLUE STARS John Peel 9th August 2000


  • One session, no known commercial release.

1. Recorded: 2000-08-09. First broadcast: 14 September 2000. Repeated: 08 March 2001

  • The Times You've Come / Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise / As Long As She's Needed / Before We Know It

Other Shows Played

  • 07 July 2004: A Beginning Of A Kind (EP: Southern Skies Appear Brighter Extended Play) Elefant Records
  • 14 July 2004: A Beginning Of A Kind (EP: Southern Skies Appear Brighter) Elefant Records
  • 07 December 2004 (Rob Da Bank): 'The Sea Is So Quiet' (LP- The Seven Autumn Flowers) - (Elefant)

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