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Trikont is a music label based in Munich, Germany. Founded in 1971 by an independent publishing house, it releases a wide range of popular music, with particular focus on American music before WWII, as well as folk and traditional music from all over the world.

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The phone call came out of the blue, making my heart beat faster: “Would Trikont be interested in releasing a CD of my favourite 78s?” said a very familiar voice. “You're the only label I can think of who can do this”. John Peel was proposing a collaboration. He'd been a fan of Trikont for some time and we were longstanding fans of his.
(Christoph Wagner, Trikont, The Pig's Big 78s: A Beginner's Guide sleevenotes)

In 2006, Trikont released 'The Pig's Big 78s: A Beginner's Guide,' a compilation of tracks played in the Pig's Big 78 slot on Peel's BBC Radio One show, selected before his death by the DJ and his wife, Sheila Ravenscroft (“Pig”).

The German label started regularly providing material for Peel's programmes in the early 1990s, in the form of releases by Austrian folk / hop-hop duo Attwenger, who also recorded a session.

In later years, the DJ featured numerous Trikont various artist (v/a) compilations of vintage and contemporary music, often with unusual themes, from 'American Yodeling 1911-1946' to 'African Raps'. Favourite tracks included Đàn Bầu Việtnam's distinctive cover version of 'Rider In The Sky' from the 'Roady Music From Vietnam' album. Peel also gave extensive airtime to the label's four-CD 'La Paloma' series, featuring nothing but recordings of the popular nineteenth-century Spanish song by different artists. In the Radio Times, he described the collections as “exactly the sort of pointless activity of which I strongly approve”.[1]


(Plays by Peel of various artist (v/a) albums on the Trikont label, listed by release, in order of first play. Please add more information if known.)

American yodeling200
Novelty song200s
African raps200

(CD - Slow Music - Texas Bohemia II)

(CD - Texas Bohemia: The Texas Bohemian Moravian-German Bands)

(CD - American Yodeling 1911 - 1946)

(CD - Down & Out - The Sad Soul Of The Black South)

(CD - Ho! #1: Roady Music From Vietnam)

(CD - Finnischer Tango (Tule Tannssimaan))

(CD - Prayers From Hell (White Gospel & Sinners Blues))

(CD - Flashbacks #2: Novelty Songs 1914-1946: Crazy & Obscure)

(CD - Flashbacks #1: Drug Songs - High & Low 1917-1944)

(CD - La Paloma #4)

(CD – La Paloma)

(CD - Flashbacks #4: Heartbreakers 1927-1946 Blue & Lonely)

([CD - La Paloma #3)

(CD - La Paloma #2)

(CD - Flashbacks #5: Hallelujah 1926-1946 Gospel & Prayers)

(CD - Flashbacks #6: American War Songs 1933 – 1947: Hitler & Hell)

(CD - Africa Raps)

(CD ‎– American Polka - Old Tunes & New Sounds)

(CD - Flowers In The Wildwood: Women In Early Country Music)

(CD - Mzansi Music: Young Urban South Africa)



  1. Quoted by Christoph Wagner, 'The Pig's Big 78s: A Beginner's Guide' sleevenotes.