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Turbonegro (Turboneger in Norwegian) is a Norwegian rock band, active from 1989 to 1998, and 2002 to the present. The band combines glam rock, punk rock, and hard rock into a self-described "deathpunk" musical style. Turbonegro came together as a band in Oslo, Norway, during the winter of 1988–1989. The initial lineup was Thomas Seltzer (a.k.a. Happy-Tom), Vegard Heskestad, Pål Bøttger Kjærnes, Rune Grønn, Pål Erik Carlin and Tor-Kristian "TK" Jenssen. Seltzer and Heskestad had formerly performed in a band called "De Dype" – a noisy and subversive ensemble inspired by American rock band Butthole Surfers. Early Turbonegro continued their conceptional styles.

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Peel played a few tracks from the group in 1996 and 2003, but didn't seem to play any other further material.

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Imorgen Skal Eg Daue


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