On his 12 March 2003 show, Peel mentioned that his autobiography book, Margrave Of The Marshes, would contain lists, "imitating Nick Hornby". These would include "a list of the ten best gigs that I've ever been to in all of my life. Just sitting in a pub in Central London I got twelve already, so that's pretty exciting. I'll read them out some other time actually because we haven't really got time right now."

Sadly, Peel died in 2004 before his autobiography was completed and his ten best lists were not included in the book.

However, Sheila, his wife, in the book (Margrave Of The Marshes, Corgi edition, page 273) gave a list on what was likely the twelve best gigs Peel saw in no ranking order:

  1. Eddie Cochran (Liverpool Empire, 1960)
  2. Gene Vincent (Liverpool Empire, 1960)
  3. Dick Dale in Islington (The Garage, 1995)
  4. The Four Brothers at John's fiftieth-birthday bash in our garden (Peel Acres, 1989)
  5. PJ Harvey in Cardiff (Coal Exchange, 2000)
  6. The Misunderstood in Hollywood (Pandora's Box, 1966)
  7. Van Morrison in Finsbury Park (Rainbow Theatre, 1973)
  8. Roy Orbison in Ipswich (Gaumont, 1985)
  9. Pink Floyd in Hyde Park (London's Hyde Park, 1968)
  10. The Undertones in Huddersfield (Huddersfield Polytechnic, 1979)
  11. The Fall in - well, The Fall just about anywhere
  12. The Faces in Sunderland (Locarno Ballroom, 1973)
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