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Ewart Beckford OD (born 21 September 1942), known by the stage name U-Roy, is a Jamaican vocalist and pioneer of toasting. U-Roy is noted for a melodic style of toasting applied with a highly developed sense of timing.

Beckford's first two singles released on Duke Reid's Treasure Isle label, "Wake the Town" (1970) and "Wear You to the Ball" (1970), were Jamaican hits and established his reputation as one of Jamaica's most popular toasters. Beckford then went on to work with other major producers on the island. 1971 saw the release of Beckford's DJ version of The Paragons' "The Tide Is High".

In 1975, the album Dread in a Babylon was released in the US, Europe and Jamaica by Virgin Records. The success of Dread in a Babylon led to a series of Tony Robinson produced albums: "Natty Rebel" (1976), "Rasta Ambassador "(1977) and "Jah Son of Africa" (1978).

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Wear You To The Ball - Original

Wear You To The Ball - Original

Discussing his selection of a Big Youth single for his Record Box from John Peel’s record collection, DJ and filmmaker Don Letts ranked U-Roy as one of the “mighty three” reggae toasters, alongside Big Youth and I-Roy, seen as influential in the later development of rap in the US.[1]

In 2001, Letts had included early U-Roy hit "Wear You To The Ball" in his "Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown" compilation of reggae he had played as DJ at London's Roxy club, where Peel attended gigs in the early punk era.[2] [3]

Peel featured U-Roy regularly down the decades, focusing in later years on classic early material, including tracks with "the Kenny Dalglish of reggae", Lee Perry.

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Other Shows Played

  • 30 June 1980: Way Down South (7") Volcano
  • 10 February 1981: Puppet On A String (LP-Love Is Not A Gamble) State Line
  • 10 February 1986: Jah Jah Call You (7") Ujama
  • 30 July 1986: I Feel Good (7") Ujama (Peel dedicates record to a fellow he met, whilst doing reggae shopping in Soho, London.)
  • 06 August 1986: I Feel Good (7") Ujama
  • 13 August 1986: I Feel Good (7") Ujama
  • 12 November 1986: Line Up And Come (LP - Line Up And Come) Tappa
  • 31 May 1988: Dynamic Fashion Way (v/a LP - Studio Kinda Cloudy - Keith Hudson And Friends) Trojan
  • 27 February 1989: On Top Of A Peak (v/a album U Roy And Friends - With A Flick Of My Musical Wrist (Jamaican Deejay Music 1970-1973)) Trojan
  • 28 March 1989: On Top Of the Peak (v/a LP - U Roy And Friends - With A Flick Of My Musical Wrist (Jamaican Deejay Music 1970-1973)) Trojan
  • 30 November 1989 (& Kotch): Don't Take Away (7") Taxi

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