U.K. Buzz was a series of vinyls, between 1984 and 1985 started by Peter Gordon, President of the Thirsty Ear record label and Scott Piering, President of Appearing Music Industry Media Services, who spent a year in the UK to collect alternative music produced in Europe for the US market, primarily aimed at commercial and college radio stations. It is not known how many radio stations in America took up the offer of U.K. Buzz vinyls.

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Peel narrated the first five series of the vinyl, which he recorded at his home with music that was produced primarily in the UK. Most of the tracklistings on the series seem to be choices that Peel would have played on his radio shows. U.K. Buzz was very similar to the concept of Peel Out In The States, which also proved to be a one off.


U.K. Buzz #001

U.K. Buzz #002

U.K. Buzz #003

U.K. Buzz #004

John Peel Sign-Off U.K

John Peel Sign-Off U.K. Buzz 004

U.K. Buzz #005

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