Uku Masing (born Hugo Albert Masing, 11 August 1909 – 25 April 1985) was an Estonian philosopher. He was a significant figure in Estonian religious philosophy. Masing also wrote poetry, mostly on religious issues. Masing authored one novel, Rapanui vabastamine ehk Kajakad jumalate kalmistul (Liberation of Rapanui, or Seagulls at the Cemetery of Gods) in the late 1930s, which was published posthumously in 1989. As a folklorist, he was a distinguished researcher of fairy tales, contributing to the international Encyclopedia of the Folktale. He was awarded the Righteous Among The Nations by Yad Vashem and the Israeli Supreme Court for his participation during the Holocaust in helping a Jew in Estonia escape capture from 1941 until the end of the war. His actions exposed him to great danger during this period requiring him to meet with his friend as well as lying to the Gestapo.

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Peel played a poem by Uku, that was performed by Estonian actor Jaan Tooming on his 22 January 1994 show. The performance came from an Estonian album on the Melodiya label, released in 1990, covering Uku Masing's poems spoken by several actors.

Shows Played

John Peel's Uku Masing - Eks Lollust Oma Kohustuseks Hõika

John Peel's Uku Masing - Eks Lollust Oma Kohustuseks Hõika

  • 22 January 1994: Eks Lollust Oma Kohustuseks Hõika (album - Ja Tuulelaeval Valgusest On Aerud) Мелодия

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