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University Radio York (commonly known as URY) is a campus radio covering the campus of the University of York. It was the first legal independent radio station in the United Kingdom. Like most student radio stations, University Radio York is run entirely by volunteers, all students studying at the University of York. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day during university term time (a total of 30 weeks per year). The schedule is made up of a variety of shows including entertainment, news, speech, drama and music. With a new intake of students each academic year, the station's output can change significantly.

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John Peel's University Radio York

John Peel's University Radio York

In 1967 Mike Greasley then a student of the university, obtained a testing and development license for "Radio Heslington". Then, entering his final year in 1968, he handed the project over to Ranjan Karunaratne, an overseas student who changed the name to Radio York and broadcast illegally through the summer of 1968, to drum up support for the project which had been dismissed in all quarters as impossible.

Ranjan tried to convince Peel to come to York to do a show, but was busy doing other things, however, Peel decided to pre-record his show exclusively for the station, which was then broadcast on 1st May 1968 as part of the university radio launch in collaboration with BBC Radio Leeds.

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