(This page is for the backing band of Little Richard. See Lee Perry for the studio band of the reggae producer.)
UPSETTERS (Little Richard) Every night about this time R B

UPSETTERS (Little Richard) Every night about this time R B

Every Night About This Time

Years before reggae producer Lee Perry (aka The Upsetter) chose the name for his studio band, an early group of Upsetters were the backing musicians for rock and roll pioneer Little Richard.

Under the name "The World Famous Upsetters", they also released at least three singles, all from a "secret session" with Richard on vocals in the early 1960s. According to online sources, these date from a period when the singer was involved with the church and therefore did not want his name to be appear on the records.

In 1964-5, Jimi Hendrix joined the Upsetters to back Little Richard on tour. Keyboardist Billy Preston, who worked with the Beatles on 'Let It Be', was also a member of the Upsetters during the 1960s.

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Little Richard was one of Peel's earliest musical heroes and he is known to have played at least one track credited to "The World Famous Upsetters" (possibly from a UK bootleg single [1]).

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  • 04 April 1970: Every Night About This Time (LP - ? single) Little Star 123 (US release 1963)

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