The Vets were an English band formed in 1978. initially playing mainly punk rock covers (nearly all Sex Pistols). Soon graduated into writing and performing own material. After acquiring a home made synth in 1979 the bands music changed sonically becoming more synthesizer based. The band continued to play locally for the next couple of years and were chosen in 1983 to perform on BBC television programme ‘Bubbling Under’ focusing on unsigned bands. The band split in 1984 and the various members went on to play with other notable groups / singers including Everything But The Girl, Felt, Denim, Nik Heywood, Orange Juice, and the Monochrome Set.

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John Peel championed the band playing their first single Flies / Contrix on Radio 1 in late 1979. This was followed up by second single World In Action in June 1980. John Peel played this single to death over the next couple of months, even coming up to Hornsea to play a gig with the band, where he described them as dull on his 19 November 1984 (BFBS) show.

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The vets-world in action

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