Vice Squad
Vice Squad are an English punk rock band formed in 1979 in Bristol, with an initial line-up of Beki Bondage (vocals), Dave Bateman (guitar), Mark Hambly (bass guitar) and Shane Baldwin (drums). The band was formed from two other local punk bands, The Contingent and TV Brakes. The songwriter and vocalist Beki Bondage (born Rebecca Bond) was a founding member of the band and left the group in 1982, where she was replaced by Lia Rumbelow. The group split in 1985 and Beki Bondage reformed the band in 1997.

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Peel was an avid supporter of the group in the early 80's and in the book, Burning Britain: The History of UK Punk 1980–1984 (pages 15-16), published in 2004, drummer Shane Baldwin, in an interview, acknowledged the role of JP in helping raise the profile of the band, when the group released Nothing on the Avon Calling compilation in 1979:

"I thought it was a bit strange that Peel was so keen on our track, because there were much more established and capable bands on the record, like Glaxo Babies, Joe Public and The X-Certs. I spoke to John for the first time, a few years ago, pointing out that we were much more 'basic' than the other bands, and he said, 'Well basic is what I like.' I chose to take that as a compliment! [1]

Shane also in the same book mentioned that his father was a big Peel fan:

"My dad was a big Peel fan and listened to the show every night, so that gave me a big kick." [2]

The band did two sessions for Peel's show, as well as one for Kid Jensen's show.


Vice Squad - Peel Session 1981

Vice Squad - Peel Session 1981

1. Recorded: 1981-06-01. Broadcast: 03 June 1981. Repeated: 25 June 1981, 30 July 1981, 21 September 1981, 19 October 1981, 30 December 1981
  • Coward / It's A Sell Out / 1981 / Times They Are A Changing

2. Recorded: 1982-04-28. Broadcast: 10 May 1982. Repeated: 01 June 1982

  • Humane / Propaganda / No Right To Reply / Sterile

Other Shows Played



  • 10 October 1979: Nothing (v/a LP – Avon Calling - The Bristol Compilation) Heartbeat
  • 18 October 1979: 'Nothing (Compilation LP-Avon Calling)'
  • 12 December 1979: Nothing (v/a LP - Avon Calling - The Bristol Compilation) Heartbeat

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