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Omnibus is an arts-based British documentary series, broadcast mainly on BBC1 in the United Kingdom. The programme was the successor to the long-running arts-based series Monitor. It ran from 1967 until 2003, usually being transmitted on Sunday evenings. During its 35-year history, the programme won 12 Bafta awards.

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Video Jukebox was a 1986 Omnibus special presented by Peel and John Walters broadcast on BBC1 on Friday 9 May 1986 at 9.30 PM. The program follows the development of the rock video from the musicals and promotional shorts of the 1930s, the jazz sound films of the 40s, the rock 'n' roll films and scorpitones of the 50s and the television pop programmes of the 60s to the first true videos in the 1970s and the 1980s.

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